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  2. Thanks for this!
  3. Really nice! Good luck!
  4. Good luck with your project!
  5. Not with your dick, hes kind of a dick
  6. Mine is wake up- by fetty wap
  7. Today
  8. You have more patience than i lol
  9. Thanks for this!
  10. Looks amazing
  11. This is awesome! good luck with the server!!
  12. Awesome! good luck with your videos!
  13. Hi

    Hello, and welcome
  14. Welcome
  15. Goodluck!
  16. Hey

    Best introduction ever!
  17. Hi, my name is Nate! I have been fiddling around with rsps's since i was about 14 years old. Never got great at it, but I still love to try lol. Looking forward to meeting new people in this community!
  18. Yesterday
  19. Anyone got the Rune-Factory client?
  20. Hey guys, We're hosting a huge iron-man tournament which will involve creating a new iron man account and training it and trying to gear your account up as much as possible in the one week time period, which will then be followed by 2 PvP tournaments on the ironman accounts participating, in which the grand prize winner will receive a $150 cash prize, Black santa hat, and an amazing set of gear! This tournament will put your skills to the test, and see if you truly have what it takes to win in a way that will require both PvM and PvP! The best part is, there are no prerequisites for this tournament, simply create an account anytime after the tournament begins(see thread for details), register in the registration thread that will be posted 3 days prior, and begin your journey. For more details, follow this link to the official thread:
  21. Hey guys i would like to show off my youtuber, i got 120 subs, love making guides and pking videos, sadly i sound like 12 or something or i dont know but i dont get told that anymore haha. Anyway if u like my content make sure u check out my videos and comment will mean alot (My Channel)
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