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    People in the list are the worst of scum and are the grease off a pig Scu11 (Scum11) Numbers (Arvin) Kevy (kevin) Thakiller (Asshole) AJ (Sheep) Koy (Mega Asshole) Arvid (Mega Asshole) S Quare Quxx (Sheep) Revil (Sheep) Dave (Cancer) Michael (Jerk) Zelo (Dumb cunt acting as a girl online) I F A I L (Mega Asshole) Purehit (PureShit)
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    Bronze Warrior 0 Iron Warrior 5 Steel Warrior 10 Black Warrior 15 Mithril Warrior 20 Rune Warrior 30 Dragon Warrior 40 Golden Warrior 50 Statius Knight 60 The Arrow 70 Bandos Hero 80 Armadyl Hero 90 Blazing Hero 100 3rd Age Legacy 120 3rd Age Legacy 140 Blue Prince 150 Purple Prince 160 Red Prince 170 Green Prince 180 Claw Legend 190 Legend 200 I'm Spoooky 220 Wealthy 240 Stupid Rich 280 Master of Disaster 300 Master of Disaster 320 Master of Disaster 340 Rich Bitch 400 Rich Bitch 500 Void Millennium 600 Elite Warior 700 Elite Knight 800 Star Member 900 Heroic Member 1000 Divine Member 1250 PedoBear 1500 ForumWhore 1750 Top Poster 2000
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    Got Bored Owner Ace Administrator None Community Manager None Forum Moderator Madara Younes Forum Support None Veteran MummaPig BankOfSwag Equal Falcon Gethonorbro martijn packok Peter Raw Envy HQ Leaker None Graphics Designer Vacation Designs Youtuber Khalil 420 Donator Bananastreet Dice or Die Sexy Donator Delta Poesy700 Forum Police (RLPD) None Programmer Dexter Morgan Hassan Pax Professor Oak Xenon Web Developer Thrallix
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    Hi everyone, I'm currently looking to join an existing project/individual in creating a solid OSRS server or to create one. Past servers I've worked on: Project-Exile - Peaked around 150 players (My first server) Notorious - Peaked around 300+ players Visionary - Peaked around 250 players Alora - Peaked around 600 players (I was the advertisement manager) What I can provide: Marketing/advertisement to guarantee a solid player count Ensure the server and website is of high quality Risk management to go over any potential issues the server may encounter Invest a bit of money into advertisements More... This can be discussed on Skype Add me on Skype if you have any offers or want to discuss anything, my Skype is: tomb1443 Thanks
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    Free https://www.dropbox.com/s/k104b39w6m112uo/Exigence Files.rar?dl=0 Selling 3 copies for 80$ Exigence has been worked on for months, previously known as Valor. Has tons of content, and a unique client & launcher. Notable Client Features: Unique client launcher with toggle saving 474/602 Data toggling Resizable & Fullscreen Tons of toggle-able features including, hitmarkers, snow, orbs, hp bars, gameframes, sky color, and more. 525 maps/objects with mainly 474 map files except for 525 edgeville, magebank, and few other places OSRS XP Counter for 474 gameframe Ability to login with your username in all caps or lowercase without the client automatically capitalizing the first letter. 498 Skilltab with working tooltips 508 Login screen with working Low/High Detail buttons Notable Server Features: Flawless combat All skills working except hunter and construction Summoning Player Owned Shops Target/EP System Price Checker Many bosses like tormented demons, godwars, chaos elemental, corporeal beast 100% Magebank including lockpicking & wilderness agility course. Galkon's Clan Chat System Achievement system with many achievements Game modes like Soulsplit's, Sir, Lord, Legend, Extreme Player titles displaying their game mode Voting and donation system Pet system with lots of boss pets Pvp rating system Exigence contains a lot more content, this is just some of it. The server is also Runesource.
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    is this still needed? sorry for gravedig..
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    Nice media, pretty fun server
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    Your momma's so fat she's got enough chins for 99 range
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    YoutubeHigh retention- 1000 views - $0.55- 100 likes - $1 - 100 dislikes - $2- 100 subscribers - $2TwitterReal accounts- 1000 followers $2- 1000 favorites $1.25- 1000 retweets $1.25Facebook- 1000 likes $3- 1000 followers $2Instagram- 1000 followers $2- 1000 Likes $2Soundcloud- 1000 plays $0.50 - 1000 downloads $1- 1000 likes $5- 1000 followers $5Traffic- 1000 WW $0.60Delivery shouldn't take longer than 24 hours.To place an order use the format below and PM me. Type: Amount: URL: I'm available 12+/7 so orders are handled quick.
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    use the ones included in the arios 530 release; works fine.
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    https://www.dropbox.com/s/9qteeqzoumlhdmr/RS3.rar?dl=0no content, as i cant run it because i dont have a client. Source files were given to me by Nobelium himself.enjoy! get it while you can!And the source runs flawlessly, no errors.Ready to host (:https://www.dropbox.com/s/9qteeqzoumlhdmr/RS3.rar?dl=0
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    May be used for reading certain forums within IPB, or other web/software. import java.net.URL; import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilder; import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory; import org.w3c.dom.Document; import org.w3c.dom.Element; import org.w3c.dom.Node; public class RSSFeed { /** * @author: Pax M */ /** * The URL that we want to read from */ public static String URL = "http://weather.yahooapis.com/forecastrss?w=12718298&u=c"; /** * Read the RSS * * @param read element * @param read tagName * @return element * @return tagName */ public static String read(String element, String tagName) { try { DocumentBuilderFactory factory = DocumentBuilderFactory .newInstance(); DocumentBuilder builder = factory.newDocumentBuilder(); Document doc = builder.parse(new URL(URL).openConnection() .getInputStream()); doc.getDocumentElement().normalize(); for (int temp = 0; temp < doc.getElementsByTagName(tagName) .getLength(); temp++) { Node nNode = doc.getElementsByTagName(tagName).item(temp); if (nNode.getNodeType() == Node.ELEMENT_NODE) { Element eElement = (Element) nNode; return eElement.getElementsByTagName(element).item(0) .getTextContent(); } } } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } return null; } } Usage: RSSFeed.read(element, tagName);
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    cool stuff bud
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    I like titties, beer, weed and money. I don't like fake niggas. I'm helpful when it come to rsps and real peeps.
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    Demo - Here Download - Link Enjoy
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    looks great!
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    Thanks man, means a lot!
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    Good luck it looks good
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    Best of luck Akira.
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    strange, your code should be working. Since it's not, my last two ideas are that you have a modified version of drawInterface method that isn't properly done, or there's a remaining RSImageProducer that your client is drawing certain types of interfaces inside.
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    Will do, won't be trusting anyone without security in the deal this time after Alora scammed me.
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    updated link sorry about that
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    Download Link: Deso Demo: Link Request any site below and ill attempt to rip it and leak it
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    Good luck im sure you will succeed just go with someone you can trust this time <3
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    I mean I can write you the classes if you'd like to buy them.
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    It's not even that good. But you can just HTTRack it off the demo page.
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    Good luck man, anyone would be lucky to have you!
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    envy is great at what he does.
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    I agree, Thank you! I have Pinned this topic.
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    Zion's Client Services I'm Zion from R-S btw Properly texturing OSRS items with out any cheap haxes. Proper zbuffering (actually makes it so models closer, are written over models further away) Texture Shading & Fog to ("Killer 99's Texturing System") Ruse HD Texture Fix w/ ground texture shading Model Texturing Loading models past 65k Particles Distant Fog Effect Tweening HD Minimap Mipmapping Resizable Chat box for resizable/fullscreen Fix field of view HD Ground Textures Resizable Screen 602 Skilltab w/ Proper tooltips & Skill goals Packing any Data - "Items, Npcs, Objects, Maps, Animations, Graphics" (If i do not have the data you must provide) Misc things (I'll explain over skype) Any snippet/tutorial Any loginscreen, if you provide what you want it too look like and the images. Updated graphics buffer Fixing current bugs/crashes Any gameframe If you want something that is not on this list, just ask me! Order form: What is your skype?(You can PM me it); What service(s) are you wanting?: Do you agree with the TOS? Will you vouch/thank?: TOS: 1. You cannot tell me you want a refund after telling me you like the services and change your mind. 2. If you mess up the content i added afterwards, i am not held responsible. 3. I can deny any services if i do not feel comfortable doing it, or for any other reason. 4. If you break any of the agreements you will be reported. My Skype: Zion.rs
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    Great contribution to this section. Thank you.
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    #Khalil army welcome bitch!
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    If you ever suspected to have fallen victim to malware, do not hesitate to contact me as I will easily get rid of it. Simply PM me with the details you already have and I will see what I can do.
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    Great idea OP, i'll kick it off with this one I came a across a few days.