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  1. Kriss, hmu on Discord 

    we need to talk lol

  2. Merry Christmas or happy holiday! :) :h14010:

    1. Madara


      Happy Holidays! B|

  3. Welcome to Rune Leak Chase! Hope you will enjoy your stay here.
  4. Should be do-able. @Ace
  5. Welcome back! Good luck on your project.
  6. First exam in 2 weeks and I don't know shit. :S

    1. Madara


      If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit!

  7. There were some problem with the IPB forums, which just recently got fixed. Everything is fine now and back to work. We are moving into a time where people get busy with exams etc. Though we hope that a toplist will help the forum get in a "better" shape.
  8. hey

    Welcome. please try and post in the correct section. #moved
  9. Please post in the correct section. This should not be in forum suggestions. #moved
  10. I don't seem to understand what you try to suggest. We already have request under sections like server development, client development, graphics and web development. Is that what you ment?
  11. Gratz on your achievement.
  12. Hey, Nice to see you again and welcome to Rune Leak.
  13. I go to university + got a part time job. It's exhausting, but always good with some extra money $$.
  14. Maybe post which country you are from? Anyway, working fine for me(Norway). Interesting story/music.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions, ill put it on the to-do list. In the mean time I will look out for the rest of the communities opinion.