Gambling for a long time was a very visible problem on RuneScape, In this article, we interview one of the biggest RuneScape & OSRS gambling websites.

Gambling for a long time was a very visible problem on RuneScape many of you likely remember the days where you would walk to the GE in world 2 and it would be flooded with these different gambling clans offering their games of chance many of these gambling hosts actually quickly turned into the richest players in the game and then turned to things like real-world trading to make a lot of money from what they were doing so since 2011 Jagex has really taken a lot of action against these people and they've pretty much successfully written them from the visible surface of the game forcing them into shadier corners of the internet my intent for this article is to explore those shadier corners and try to find out some of the insider practices that are going on within these communities I wanted to hear about the history of these websites how they really came into fruition 


the biggest runescape gambling websites we are not going to mention any names but he provided really great information that I think you guys are going to find extremely interesting a little disclaimer gambling is against runescape turns a service if you want to gamble go to the duel arena or go to your local you know don't do it on these websites there's no guarantee that they're not going to take your items there's no guarantee that they haven't rigged the bets in their favor per usual my first question was what is your involvement with this gambling website and how did this actually all begin and he told me that nowadays he's really the chief operating officer for this website and he has the on-site ranking of admin and this really describes perfectly what he does he handles all the administrative duties he told me that he talks to the players the mods and helpers regarding any issues that require some sort of administrative support he also told me that one of his main jobs is planning out promotional events giveaways and marketing to attract new players to the website so how did he first get involved with this gambling website he told me quite a long-winded story but we are going to break it down for you guys so in 2014 he saw a article advertising this new runescape poker website and it was posted by one of the prominent runescape gamblers at that time and he decided to go to the website and try out by betting


a few million GP and he told me that he actually won quite big a few times and he said quote which ended up getting me hooked on both poker and this website and from there he was kind of always in the web site talking to people getting friendly with the owner and making some bets on poker he also told me that one of his goals at this time was to become a rank within the website and the ranks kind of had access to cashing players in and cashing players out and when we are talking about cashing them in and out what we are referring to is the gambling websites currency systems so all of these gambling websites kind of have their own currency that you purchase

with the runescape GP and then when the time comes you cash them out for an escape GP so in cashing people in and out he was probably able to take like a 5% fee and he wanted to do that obviously so you could make some extra easy money but the catch is is you had to pay 500 million runescape GP they actually get the rank within that gambling clan and that five hundred mil was kind of used as insurance in case you ever scammed anybody the site owner could pay them back and so he told me


that he was trying to save up for that for a long time and he actually only ended up paying 300 mil for it up front because he got so friendly with the owner and the promise was is that he would pay back that additional 200 mil when he had it and so really this was the pinnacle and his runescape gambling career by now being a ranked he was talking more to all the different staff members obviously he was closer to the owner and you need to keep in mind that the runescape gambling community is

really tight-knit these are the same people that had been perpetuating gambling in runescape since the very beginning these are powerful people that have connections with within this black market of runescape and so he did that for a long time he was always helping out and he established familiarity with these people and he also acquired quite a large wealth and trust within this black market and so he told me on april of 2017 and opportunity arose for actually take on an admin position within this website now the reason for this is because the former admin actually went rogue he started spawning in chips for himself and then cashing them out for runescape


gold and so basically he was stealing from the website along with that he also stopped doing his duty of kind of marketing the website and trying to get more people into it and so this reallybrewed a need for a new admin who would  take on that job that could be trusted not to steal and the owner contacted the person we are interviewing and asked them if you'd be willing to take on this position which he gladly accepted now one of the interesting things that he told to me is that being in this position means he's trusted with all of the websites code all of the player logs and the ability to alter those logs he said he's basically trusted with the asset of the gambling website itself and so I think this is a good time to mention this you know the people that make these gambling websites control the code that actually operates these games a chance meaning if they want it to they could rigged the odds or they can make it so you always lose on a big bet or something like that so I wouldn't recommend ever going on these websites because that's always a possibility if you're looking the gamble do it through a more formal means I already knew the answer before I asked this question but I really wanted to hear it firsthand I asked him what was the spark that really initiated the creation of this website

and he basically told me that it's because jagex pushed all the gamblers out of the actual game and kind of forced them into these darker sides of the internet you know the goal with the runescape poker gambling website was to bring back gambling and runescape so they could have their business active again and they could start making that money you know had jagex never taken steps to prevent gambling within the game I don't think we would have ever seen any of these websites pop up clearly though it's a lot better to have them need to do this on a third party website then within the actual game my next question was can you tell me about


the shady stuff going on within this industry and keep in mind he obviously has an invested interest here what he told me is probably the tip of the iceberg I bet there's a whole other slew of stuff but the first thing that he told me about and a little free note here pretty much all of these gambling websites have like a quote provably fare system from a computer science standpoint it's possible to fake those things I didn't look into there's too much you know there's definitely a risk there I

wouldn't trust them anyways but he told me that one of the other big gambling websites uses this quote provably fare system for pretty much all of their games except for dice tools and they're pretty notorious for having their staff asset bets from users using spawn chips and you know if you ask me that's pretty blatant scamming when they're using spawn chips because they don't actually have the runescape GP to back that they're just kind of creating it out of nothing and then if you actually won against them you know how are they going to pay you and that being said you know if they do have this provably fair system on all their other gambling

things and then they exclude it from this one who you know I think that's a clear sign he also told me that like generally it's shady within this community to have staff members play against other players and I guess that happens quite a lot you know because these staff members have an invested interest in making profit for their business so perhaps some of these

websites might have like a switch where it makes the staff member win when they're playing against somebody like who knows what could be going on there he also told me that recently there's been a lot of discord gambling servers popping up which require virtually zero investment to keep up so he's right when you're running a website like you need to pay for a domain you need to pay for hosting all that stuff but for a discord server anybody can make that and start running a gambling business out of it and apparently there's a lot of scamming going on within those discord gambling

servers and they actually come into his discord server for the gambling website he's with and they PM users trying to get them to join but there's been a lot of scandals that have gone on in this industry with the different websites and the different owners you know generally throughout history we've seen a lot of sketchy stuff going on with gambling so once again don't use these websites you know find a more legit means the duel arena is a great option, of course, you know me we are always trying to scour for information on how much these underground services are making and so you know I hit them with the question how much money are you making from this and he hit me with her reply saying you know I can't talk about this and if you look in the websites Terms of Service it actually pretty much contests that we don't sell any of this gold for real-life currency we just kind of keep it on our accounts because if we sold it for a real-life currency like that's legal implication tax implication we don't do that never don't touch it and

so whether you want to believe them or not is irrelevant I think we should just talk about how much money they'd actually be making if they were selling that gold and we can kind of figure this out with some basic math because on their website it tells us the total amount betted assuming that number is real it says 274 trillion gold within the game has been bet it through them so assuming that number is real we can do some math to figure out hey how much would that be worth in real life currency the thing to note here is that their website is primarily runescape poke a bunch of players kind of go into a poker room and they play poker together and they make their money by taking a rake and a rake in poker is like the commission that the house takes

based on the pot within that poker game but their rake is 5% so if 274 trillion GP has gone through those virtual poker tables and they took 5% of that that leaves them with thirteen trillion seven hundred and seven billion 504 million GP now if they had all that GP right now and they sold it at 11 cents per mil which is a going rate for bulk runescape 3gp and there's no way they'll be able to sell this much gold at once but if they could that works out to 1.5 million dollars their site's been up for five years that works out to nearly three hundred thousand dollars a year so if this is true you can imagine why they wouldn't want to talk about that, of course, it's all speculation and it really relies greatly on that number they posted on their website of the total amount bet it is true but if that is the case that's a lot of money let me know what you think about that in the comment section below so knowing they've been in business for so long and knowing that there's a slew of other websites out there doing the exact same thing as them I wanted to know what is jagex doing to combat this

is it anything at all or have they just kind of left it alone because it's not in the face of runescape anymore so out of sight out of mind and really what he told me is that it's pretty much out of sight out of mind there's nothing they're really doing and and I don't know if there's much they can do you know one of the things that he told me is that none of the people that gamble on their website have ever been banned for just gambling and take that with a grain of salt because obviously invested interest once again like he would want you to have that perception I wonder if that's true I've

heard from other people running these underground services that they also don't ban people that buy gold and it makes me wonder are they just trying to coax people into believing that so they'll start using these black-market services more or is that actually the case is Jagex not banning the consumers of these black-market services let me know what you think about that in the comment section below my last question was regarding the multitude of people they have working on this website I want to know where these programmers are coming from how the support team works how they find admins because a lot of gold sites right now are hiring people from overseas so I want to know if they're kind of following that same trend and the first thing you told me is that it's actually really hard to find a developer that's willing to work full-time on a runescape gambling website and you know I believe that somebody that has that capability can work on you know much grander projects and probably make much more money so we told me what they really try to do to find developers is snipe them away from the Counter-Strike global Offensive market Counter Strike global Offensive is another game that has really a massive gambling community around it there's thousands and thousands of Counter Strike global Offensive gambling websites you know that's a pretty smart tactic on their part that's for the mods and helpers and admins he really told me that they come from the same beginnings as him mostly they're just people that have been around their gambling website for a long time that if quiet ranks on this website and just know the owner and talk to people and and eventually they get picked for these positions whether they're paid or not wasn't mentioned I assume they are paid if they're making as much money as I speculated earlier on in this article once again I do not advise that you ever use any of these gambling websites the risk of them rigging their games a chance to give them a much greater odds to win or having some sort of backdoor in their system that allows them to win if they


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