Top 10 reasons why players quit runescape RuneLeak asked around and we were able to come up with quite an accurate list I think anyway I hope our readers enjoy RSPS.

1. Bad Updates

Bad updates are common throughout the history of runescape, there's been a lot of great and wonderful updates but in alot of players opinions there has been more bad updates to runescape than good updates.

  • Evolution of combat
  • Free Trade
  • Hp Change
  • Item remodels
  • Removing Wilderness
  • Many many more..


2. Gambling & Staking

So many people have actually quit this game and returned only to quit again because of the dueling arena it's a real addiction that can get out of control if you let it, just like gambling your own money away in real life and some people lose millions and millions before they ever walk away from that place. 

Staking can be a lot of fun but only when you win and sometimes luck has a lot to do with it and you won't be so lucky.  whenever you go stake at the duel arena you should always prepared to lose what your staking that way you won't end up quitting like a lot of players do when they go all-in and end up losing every gp they have.


3. Getting Rekt & Losing Bank

A lot of players quit Deadman mode because of this but it's to be expected on those servers but sometimes even in the main servers players will end up quitting when they die and lose something that they work to get for months and months it's just a part of runescape most of the time those players end up returning but nobody ever wants to die and lose their items even when you're a low-level.

If you're going to play this game you really have to be strategic about everything that you do and sometimes when you're going into something really difficult like pausing or peeking you almost have to prepare yourself mentally that there is a possible chance you might die and lose your stuff.


4. Time

To get anywhere in RuneScape you have to spend a lot of time on this game which i think is why some players take it so seriously anything worth doing in runescape is going to take a lot of time and some people just don't have the kind of time that is needed to be put into this game especially when you might have.

to sit on a laptop for hours on end or at a computer desk there's always real-world distractions and when you're distracted in runescape because in real life you literally will never get anything done on runescape for some players simply put they just don't have enough time to play the game number.


5. Getting Scammed

Getting scammed is probably one of the worst feelings you can have as a player especially if you lose something extremely valuable that you worked hard to achieve there are some players out there that don't take this into consideration even though they'd probably feel the same way if you scam them there's sort of a shock factor

that takes over you when you get scammed of something you really worked hard for and that initial shock and sometimes make players just immediately press that logout button but most of the time they usually end up returning and even though what happened to them was wrong it probably was a learning experience.


6. Membership Status Running out

there are some players who simply can't pay for membership they either use their phone bank account or sometimes their parents if they're too young to pay for it themselves

unfortunately when your membership status runs out the only way to reclaim it when you can't pay for it with real money is paying for it with in-game money which can be hard if you're not that rich of a player to make matters

worse ever since membership bonds came out in old school runescape their prices have been skyrocketing well over 2 mil and you never really know what their prices are going to do next and for some players grinding in free-to-play to get 2.7 million


7. World of Warcraft

Some players prefer other games over RuneScape, RuneScape is one of those games where you almost have to have been playing since you were a child to really understand its appeal and with new games always coming out constantly with amazing graphics and multiplayer features that are very different than RuneScape.

It's easy to sort of forget about RuneScape in my opinion it has never had any other game take over life as much as runescape has but we're all guilty sometimes with just simply gaining more interest in other games for a while but we do always end up coming back to RuneScape because it's one of the first video games we ever played as a kid.


8. Getting Banned\Muted

Jagex takes reporting very seriously if they didn't this game would probably be ruined, sometimes players make bad decisions and they either get banned or muted or maybe even permanently banned or muted sometimes Jagex punishments are harsh.

but then again it's incredibly easy and takes no thought at all to avoid getting banned or muted but some players out there never learn and they keep getting banned and muted and they wonder why and they end up quitting altogether because of it.


9. Growing Up

You almost had to have been playing this game since you were a kid to really understand its charm and appeal however the older you get you're going to run into problems and you're going to have to deal with adult priorities over video games and I think that that is what has happened a lot throughout RuneScape's history and is probably the reason why not many players play today that did play years ago when you grow up life gets hard and unfortunately gets way more serious and that can sometimes make you lose interest in things that once made you happy as a kid.


10. Toxic Community

In some players opinions the community of runescape is very toxic but that's how any online game community is if you really think about it there's scammers there's people who want to learn you there's people all over YouTube who boast phishing links to try to hack or steal your account

there's DDoS everywhere on this game and most of the time the main thing we end up seeing on this game is that people just love to fight with each other and nobody really takes it into consideration that they're talking to an actual person behind a computer monitor instead of just a pixelated character

the rights words above its head don't get me wrong you're going to make some great friends on runescape but you're also going to meet some of your worst enemies here and we think that some people just run into way too many enemies instead of friends



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