Have you ever heard about Frugooscape or SpawnPK?

The basic definition, what is an RSPS?

Some of you may not know what an RSPS (Runescape Private Server) is.  To define it shortly, a Runescape private server is independently run, based on the game Runescape. All Runescape private servers require no membership fees to play. 

What's a Custom RSPS? 

In the private server community such as RuneSuite,  (a forum based on Runescape) a custom server is known as gameplay that consists of many custom items weather they be vibrant pink wings, or even lava textured items! These are pleasing aesthetics to many players!

What are the origins of custom RSPS?

 The origin of the first official custom server remains a mystery as thousands of private servers launched after the release of Runescape. However, a particular server FrugooScape, prominently set the standards of honing custom content and items as "a record of 8,000 users online at once and was in the top 10,000 USA domains." A promotional video highlights some of FrugooScape's best moments:


Custom RSPS aren't a thing in the past

That's right, they are plenty of custom RSPS to choose from, below you can choose from a wide variety of options ranging from Dreamscape to RuneX! Take a look a below for unique custom servers! 





What are you waiting for? Click one of the links to play them today! 


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