We take a dive into the roots of the notorious MoparScape RSPS industury

What is MoparScape?

"Moparscape" was a RSPS Community that started a bit over 13 years ago. Basically people created a few duplicate Runescape servers, in which everything was the same as normal Runescape servers - the graphics, layout, items, emotes were the same - with the exception that you were able to cheat.

These servers were mainly used for some fun, because there was no way possible for you to transfer items from moparscape servers to actual Runescape ones. Moparscape was basically an entirely different game, that was just extremely similar to Runescape (just like World of Warcraft and Runescape - theres no way to trade items from one game to the other, alter stats etc.)


On these servers, you were able to do things such as:

- Type keywords which would make different items just appear in your inventory (for example, you could obtain a blue partyhat by simply typing "::item 16468" or something).

- Type coordinates in which would teleport you to an exact location (you could tele straight from edgeville yews to edgeville bank, for example, and then tele straight back to edgeville yews).

- Gain experience in an extremely short amount of time (it would take a day or so to get level 99 in something). In some versions of the game, you were able to alter your stats without training at all.

- Get levels past 99


Those are just a few examples, there were many more things you could do.


Unfortunately ALOT of the servers available were filled with viruses or huge bugs/glitches so you had to be really careful where you downloaded from and what you were downloading.


Basically it was a novelty for about a year, until you realised it was all boring and achieving your goals properly on Runescape was much more rewarding.


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