but next task

ice giant's easy oh his volcano event

actually just came on which gives us a

plus one supply drop roll

so i think i'm gonna take a break from

the slayer real quick and go do some


these runs are going by really fast oh

someone just got a small canoe i'm

jealous man

that's such a sick pet we have 327 myth

bars and 226 steel bars in one

 kill that's disgusting another


600 coal really good man this boss is


so nice you literally don't even have to

do anything that requires

effort and you get this much stuff ooh

onyx bolt tips that's a hundred and

eighty four

i can make those into onyx bolts and

sell them to the general store for a

 ton of cash

there's over 30 people here

look at this man this is crazy

it's like 8 a.m for me and there's 200

people online this is nuts


oh more onyx bolt tips bro i'm gonna

have so much cash


bro another small kano and a tool seed

where's my drop man

why am i never lucky on this game right


more onyx bolt tips i have almost 1.1 k

steel bars from like 30 minutes of this

all right last kill for the event boys i

got like nothing that time

yeah here is the final loot for one hour

of the volcano event


as you can see it's absolutely busted

for iron men

1500 steel bars 1800 coal a ton of war

myth bars runes onyx tips literally

everything i need

yeah let's go finish that slayer another

task done

last task for a bit i think callisto can

suck my sack

green dragons so i can do that i guess

99 strength

all right last kill of the last task for

now we get an extra 125 points

we currently have 291 slayer points

we do need another 110 points or so for

the slayer helmet unlock

so we'll go back to slayer in a bit all

right let's grind out some abby's

now the goal is essentially i want to

sit here until i either get a whip

or i get like 50 clues or something

because i do want to do 100 clues


and i have no drop rate boost so we'll

see what comes first

wish me luck boys i took a break to go


3k pvm points if we go to the pdm store

as you can see a ring of wealth is 3k

pvm points

and the reason i want this right now is

because you get an increased drop rate

on clue scrolls in the wilderness

so i need to find something to camp

where i can just get a ton of clues

from yeah for now i'm heading back to

abbey demons

and i was just told that salvami

actually doesn't help at barrows why did

no one tell me this

i needed it anyway whatever doing

another hero task so i have some gp

for the karen instance so i can do my

own abbey demons and not get crashed


another skill task done got an extra


for that made 1.9 mil from that task

oh and we only need the gloves for the

rogue outfit now

i just wish i had good luck on this game

i don't ever

get anything ever

well it looks like we're done with this

place yikes

i just wanna got another 2k pvm points

so we can get ourselves a dwarf cannon

now the reason i want this is because i

want to go

try and get clue scrolls in the

wilderness but i'm trying to find a good

spot in multi

and my first idea is either some sort of

demons in rev caves

or maybe elder chaos druids okay the

next place i'm gonna camp for clues is

greater neck reels they have a chance to

drop dragon boots

and they're high enough combat to give

me the clues i want so

may as well oh i actually just got a

rune axe as well

he's also dropped noted wines to zamrock

as well so that'll be good for herb

i missed the recording for my last task

but uh i just got 676k for that another

35 points

and i'm doing a red spider task and you

actually get noted eggs

every kill so this will be really good

for herb

the reason i'm back to sleigh so soon is

because i want to get a slayer helmet

and i also want to unlock superior

monsters so that way when i'm barraging

for clue scrolls i'll actually get

superior monsters and have a chance at

the imbued heart i'll get extra clue

scrolls totem pieces things like that

99 slayer obviously we're going for 200

mil on 150 x and then resetting later

so 99 is not very close to where we need

to be

another task done and we got 261 spider

eggs from that okay make it 276.

i don't think we'll be needing those for

a while two more tasks until we can get

the slayer helmet

and then to get these superiors where

are they

here we go we need another 150 points

and coups easy

and if you guys ever need i have a nudes

to make super attacks you can actually

just come to crawling hands they drop

like 12

noted pretty commonly i think it's like

one in three very easy way to get


oh and limp words what the heck i don't

know if that's the rare drop table or if

these actually drop them but i'll take

them all right another task

done free 275k i should go open my

laryn's keys and see what we get

i only have six and i'm not gonna bring

food because i don't have good gear and

if i get caught i'm basically dead

anyway so

i'll probably just try to log out if i

see anyone not really looking for

anything specific i mean food would be

good uh dagon high would be a really

nice upgrade but save the mystic grind

all right let's do it boys ah


all right then oh i have really good rng

sometimes just sometimes oh okay that's

a lot of raw shark

cash a lot of pure essence and roon full

helms the money's always good but i just

got dag and i hat on my first key

i'm not really you know it kind of sucks

because i'm not even gonna use it

because i always use my halo to gather

charges but i don't know it's good

fashion escape i guess

all right last task done for the slayer

helmet unlock

but we still need to get a black mask

and knowing my luck

i'll never get one right guys

all right we're gonna go ahead and buy

the slayer helm unlock now we need to go

get a

cave horror task actually i don't really

need to be on task do i

i don't think so all right i was afking

something else and i look back and uh we

have a pretty little mask on the ground


got it on kill count 134 not bad at all

considering it's a 1 in 253 so that's a

whip and a black mask already

quite happy about that oh and that's an

achievement also got quite a lot of

seeds from those cave fours

all right let's go ahead and buy all of

the pieces we need and

slap them together and we have a slayer


now i believe to enchant it we just need

an enchanting scroll which means we

gotta go get more pvm points

so back to the monkeys 99 woodcutting

random but i was just afk so thought i'd

do it all right boys another 3k

points heading to the pdm store for an

enchanted scroll

drop it on the helmet and we have a

slayer helmet eye

let's go oh just got d boots from a neck

reel why does it

say my kc what the well i've killed

70 today and i just got him and it's

like one in

380 so i'll take it another task done

trying to get those superiors unlocked

all right finally at 150 points

and we're going to unlock bigger and


we can now get superiors but oh man i

need to go get

the abyssal and necro upgrades the

reason i want to do these

is for more clue scrolls and more money

got a day we have buried 23 dragon bones

all right last bone what do we get

oh one mil cash i'll take it 20th task

in a row an extra 125 points

we can now unlock the extra abby demons

couple crystal keys to open what do we

get what do we get

trash and ooh okay that's some good gp

oh wait i just got a cave kraken

i think i'll give it a go loyalty reward

would we get

uh kind of trash gotta cook my food real

quick and for a lot of you that probably

don't know about this trick what you can

do is actually

hold space bar and use something on

another thing let's say you're cooking

fletching whatever

and as you can see

you can cook very fast i asked the owner

about this he said he's not gonna fix it

because like i don't know he sees it as

like oh if you put in more

skill or whatever then you get rewarded

for it which i guess makes sense but

still kind of op first kill no drop

never lucky


oh mystic top that's actually an upgrade

i forgot that was actually gonna be an

upgrade to be honest but i'll take it

one more kill maybe we get lucky on the

last kill i realized i shouldn't even be

doing this until i reset honestly but

i just wanted a break do something fun

last kill

and no drop feels bad man oh magic seed

though i'll take that

and 1.2 mil cash for the task i've

literally had

four superiors and one abby task dude

you get a crystal key and a clue every

time you get a superior

another task done no whips but we got

five clues

just did another big farm run we have

203 radars to make in the pots

definitely need to because i only have


yeah this many pots left just got the

100 prayer potion achievement now that

we have 100 more points i can unlock the

neck real boost 129 abbey demons i had

the extra points from donating so we're

gonna go ahead and claim a

void body now we only have to do the

other pieces another superior i'm ready

for my imbued heart baby

i just got a dust battle staff from a

greater abyssal demon

uh okay then yet another superior

another task done

and we get another dust battle staff






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