also going to unlock the bigger black

demon task so we can

do demonic gorillas later another

cracking task

done no drop yet in 83 kills but the

cash is always nice

next task 123 neck reels oh my first

superior necro

first necri art kill nothing special but


free clue is always nice let's kill the


all right the clips are probably getting

quite dry it's just a lot of slayer

um i think i'm going to do a few of

these clues early i mean as long as i do

100 i guess that's kind of the point

we have 33 clues to do i'm gonna take

out like

five six seven eight nine ten see if we


even be bothered to do them first ever

casket on the account

uh yuck kinda

grab 70 agility real quick for the brim

haven shortcut

grabbing blue dehyde chaps for a clue

casket number two

really good pots actually clue number


oh we get a unique and a master clue and

a hundred food that's really good

why just why man boo five i think

range parts and another master clue okay

now clue number five

more pots clue six

bro give me something spicy blue fuck it

six or seven i don't know more pots more

food not complaining

number seven oh i know that was eight uh

56 ranges that time that's pretty sick

guess i just unlocked the air guitar emo

for hitting 75

tracks ask it number nine

we get a unique and bruise okay bando's

body i'll take it for now

number 10 last one for now good luck


man never lucky we have from 10 clues we

got a hundred super combats

200 sharks 102 range pods and a bunch of

oar and logs

and some other stuff got more crystal

keys see if we get anything


10 rune legs 10 rune plates not bad

decided to do some barrows

good luck another chest

yuck imagine getting four blood runes in



bro give me a fucking drop i'm like 10

dry on a private server


aaron's top i mean i'll take it

finally a fucking item man i'm gonna do

two more have a flat 30 kc

see if we get lucky all right last chest

for the day

thank you for the air rims top

fuck there was just a two times mining

xp event and i was mostly afk so i

didn't really take full advantage of it

but as you can see

we got quite a bit of mining xp we are

aiming for 200 mil and we're currently


52 mil so we're not too far away also

got 4k

amethyst darrow tips as well okay the

skill of the day is currently wood

cutting with a 30

xp boost and on top of that it's double

xp weekend so i'm gonna check the skill


and we're gonna go ahead and buy some of

the lumberjack outfit

don't have enough for three pieces but

we'll go with two for now and then throw

on our halo

but as you can see this is disgustingly

fast we do need to get 200 mil which

will still take a while but we'll just

sit here and do this in afk while i

watch the show

currently watching lucifer if anyone

wants to know

all right boys it's been like it's

probably been

total like a little bit over four hours


and uh as you can see in one session we

have gotten a 186

mil woodcutting xp here it is boys 200


woodcutting xp we will now be 99 when we

reset the times 10. that was a

little bit of a grind gonna make these

into arrow shafts and then move on to

the next thing

so while getting 200 ml i collected all

these bird eggs nest

if you didn't know you can actually take

out all the eggs and use them here at

the shrine

and you get some prayer xp and i think

some seeds i'm not sure what else

i get a nest nest and another nest with

seeds i think that's all you get i'm not


sure 80 prayer though it seems like all

you do get is

the bird's nest with seeds in them which

i guess isn't that bad

see if we get anything decent wait why

am i only getting acorns

the only decent seed i got there was a

cow quat i'll keep the nest for brews

got about 4k amethyst stereos to use and

i'm getting about 60k

fletching xp every time i might go pop a

vote book real quick

because this might get me to 200 mil or

pretty close just gonna use a book from

my main

they're expensive as fuck right now but

it helps and it's a 50

increase now watch these xp drops

holy shit we're currently at 63 mil

let's see what it gets

us all right that's all of them we went

from 63 mil

to 84 mil okay that wasn't even close to

200 ml whoops

but we do have the arrows all right

guess i'm gonna use the rest of this

vote book on

cooking all right that should be 99

cooking but i'm going to stay here until

my vote book's gone

all right votebook is out and we are at

101 mil cooking xp

and we now have 926 angler fish

pretty good i actually forgot i planted

a maple tree here let's see how much xp

i get

what 150x is really fast

yeah i got five magic saplings here to

use uh don't ask why i have

five spades in my inventory oh we got

another one

i'm gonna do some smithing oh i just

realized i'm gonna make some addy bolts

ruby bolts would be useful like raids

and whatnot i got a bit over

1k addy bolts should be good for now and

all the tips added i'll enchant them in

a bit

and come on

99.50 fuck me it took longer than i


99 crafting so apparently there's

actually a table of

secondaries that are dropped by low hp

monsters like cave slimes for example

drop snape grass and the topic for that

if you guys are interested

is four seven two so for example i just

got 12 noted snape grass so i'm gonna

sit here for like 10 minutes or

something gather a bunch

because i do need them for prayer pots

and i have rainers i want to use for


i got pretty close to 200 snape grass


222 goat horn dust i don't even know

what you'd need this for to be honest

yeah close to 200 snape grass should be

fine for now all right last name of your

prayer pots uh sitting at 97 not quite

enough to 99

but we have 146 three doses

uh i actually just got an abyssal head

drop i don't wait where is it

there it is we can actually use this to

recolor a slayer helmet if we want to

but that was on casey 1874

and i've only had one whip

that's kind of crazy obviously i only

need one but

luckily i got it early all right i have


barraging for quite a while to say the


and i just got a tizar task so i think

i'm gonna go

do a fire cape i think it's about time

last wave of fire doggos before the big

doggo spawns

clifford if you will i always gotta

throw some dumb shit i'm saying into an

episode right

you don't have to do all 63 waves on

here and it is amazing


all right that is jad dead this is our

task done

and we look a little bit less like a

nuke now that's also an achievement


means we can open the teleport interface

from anywhere now if you guys didn't

know and i actually didn't know this for

a while you can double tap

enter to open the teleport interface so

nice man

okay i lost my last recording explaining

what i was about to do but i mean it

kind of doesn't matter because

as you can see i have gathered quite a

bit of tokel and items for toko

and the reason is because if i can find

the shop aha

this has to be him right there we go so

as you can see an onyx is a 150k tokal

and i believe we can sell

each of these for around 10k each yes

there we go

now to get all this it only took me

about an hour and i really can't tell

you the method the guy that told me how

to do it quickly

specifically asked me not to tell people

in a video and i don't want to be a dick

and just like say nah fuck you i'm going

to tell you anyway so

all i'm saying is it's no form of bug

abuse or anything like that it's just

like a

not so known method to gather toco

quickly but anyways we're gonna grab the


and i do believe yeah we have all the

stats we need to go make a fury

i make the onyx amulet and we enchant

the amulet

that is fury complete boys it's also an

achievement and now we have

fury plus fire k d boots whip the


look at us boys this feels really nice

we also have about 10k

pvm points to spend oh i can actually

buy infinity i didn't

know that i can also buy a torso i think

for now i'm just gonna go ahead and grab

infinity top infinity bottoms and a


now we look even better scale of the day

is currently construction so i think

we're gonna go grab

99 but first how much xp do we get

jesus well there's 99 farming we do need

to get 200 mil of course

but shouldn't be too bad also gonna move

my house to

edgeville it caught oh it's 15 mil you

can suck my sack i thought it was five

i am getting 187k xp

per oak larder all right just finished

making like i think close to 500 blanks

yeah we have 558 all right that should


99 construction



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