We made BANK Staking on IKOV RSPS! + HUGE Giveaway Subtitles

We made BANK Staking on IKOV RSPS! + HUGE Giveaway Subtitles


just first up today's video the first comment one sells three mystery boxes so correct so i've won that but for the main prize i'm gonna weigh a neat snot face card worth around 20 bells so gonna be end for that just leave a like on today's video be subscribed to my channel with notifications on and con your game name in the comment section below and that's pretty much all you have to do so go up my giveaway and like always there are tons of giveaways in my discord so make sure to join both they're both linked in the nutrition button that i hope you guys enjoyed today's video all right boys i think this is the biggest spot we've done yet this stream 1.1 trill pot 300 cash 10 seconds 10 grazies five black players 1.1 trill for it dude come on come on dude come on man big specks come on come on oh my god dude if i lose this is gonna be depressing though come on man 1.1 trill for don't lose again okay bro no way come on keep the lead finish him there we go dude nice all right another 1.1 drill pot come on man come on come on nice big speck nice hit the 14. let's go dude let's go holy shit we are up so much man easy wins dude all right 750 bill fought dude 350 little cash and an incest reset versus the same big specs dude big specs i believe bro come on no way bro 

i can't see this damn it man come on dude i should have won that man 440 football six sang six grazies and foreign come on man beautiful spec another good spec bro hit the 13. nice good win come on man nice come on no wait hit the 12. oh my bro no way we just won dude there is no way we just won that man there is actually no way we just want that dude oh my god i'd be so pissed if i lost like that i would be so pissed 840 though i can't turn this down come on man a 32 come on come on no way i speak to six dude please hit the 11 i beg nope no no dude no way fuck another 40 vote i already complained about that much when you know the stake before that i hit a 16 and here too oh okay nice that's a good one bro he's legit doubling up one point one two three four come on man 560 volt cash oh bro [Music] down so much if i lose this one come on come on come on hit the 15. damn it bro hit the 17. oh my god dude i hit 12. i hit a 12 on his 17 hp come on man for another 804 come on man let me win this one okay that's really expect that is a really good thing hit the 22. 

there we go dude perfect nice all right 80 vote come on man come on big poke said big pokes hit the ten oh damn it man we couldn't tank him oh bro his pokes are actually off here dude 35 bro oh my god we've won this let's go dude nice nice holy shit bro we went from 40 base to 12. now for the cash come on man one mistake dude and i think it's almost over one point one tea trail pot come on hit 11. oh my god that was so close that was so close come on an 11 dude these fakes bro what are these specs his specs have been bad too though hit the three oh my god we won dude we actually just won we actually just dude both aspects were complete trash there holy shit we actually won that no way man oh man it's like a 1.6 drill [Music] pot oh he could have lost her dude he could have busted very calm calm down calm down come on come on two blue straight off the bat i just wanted to bleep before that as well that would be like a foreign [Music] no way dude we actually just hoped him all right boys we're doing a scythe tevo and 250 bill cash one point one troll fought okay that was a really good start come on keep the lead shit we're even hitting the three in tank no way dude oh my god we actually won we actually won no way bro for my luck is actually on point at the moment all right another 600 bullish pot i think this is all the guy has left and we went there in rory okay that's not a good start we can pull it back though we need big folks there oh hit the 17. damn it ah i can't win them all all right boys one point one troll fought do this oh he's actually doubling up come on okay nice bro hit expect a six dude tag fuck's sake oh come on so doing a slight and four surroundings versus 150 bill and four strengths as well come on man he can't went through and all right good spec beautiful spec no way we hit nah dude there's no way dude i speak a three i actually expect a three bro this game is trolling me man i spec a fucking three one point four trillion point man we're doing a hundred fifty four cash two frank says two prisoners says and the t-bone site oh man come on nice oh no he came back nice hit the 29 nice dude let's go holy shit we actually hit 29 on the dot as well nice man all right boys he's rematching us i think this is the rest of his bank five string sets a prison set two girls these two customs and 200 bill cash 1.3 trill part come on man [Music] respect to 40 holy shit dude we won with 58 hp no way dude we actually just backed a 40 oh my god the way dude dude i literally almost respect him no way man all right guys i do hope you enjoyed the vid definitely make sure to strike if you haven't already there's over 

500 players online right now it's by far the biggest rxps out there number one on like every single top list the link to it can be found in the description below and don't forget to enter that neat stop facebook giveaway in this video it's worth around 20 bill which is a shit ton of money on here so yeah don't miss out on that and there's tons of giveaways going on my discord like right now there's only three days left to be entered for an incentive set there's actually two winners of that as well so there's two ancestral sets in my gaming discord and for the nitro boosters there is a cyrenic set giveaway as well and in my community discord i'm doing two winners for grazie and sang staff so they each get both of those and that also ends in three days and there's also another cyrenix giveaway for the boosts in that discord as well and don't forget the invite competition in my community squad is still going on there's over 700 bell in prizes so yeah don't miss out on that is a ton of money to be won and yeah 11th to 20th place only has like two invites each or something so you can easily win yourself some easy money so yeah just invite a couple friends and you could make bank like if you don't believe me this is the top 20. so 20th only has three invites and yeah 21st to 30. like this guy has one invite and he's about to win themselves like one bell just for inviting one person dude so yeah you could easily make some money here so yeah don't mess down that the link to my community discord is in description below invite your friends make some easy money but i'm not it is now time to play the game results from the previous videos so good luck to everyone [Music] you


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